A leather bag is such a durable investment, stays stylish and can last a lifetime. Nothing beats the feel and smell of a fresh leather bag and you’d want it to be like that forever. So, in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking or to swell and mildew from excessive moisture, you need to properly care for it. This guide will give you tips on how to ensure your bag is as beautiful 5 years from now as it is now.


Firstly, when your bag arrives by courier it will most likely be out of shape due to being packed in a box for some time. Unpack it and stuff it with a cushion, bubble wrap or towels for a day or so to restore its shape.

Handle with clean hands

Leather is very susceptible to absorbing oils and grease. Therefore, take care to not handle your bag with dirty hands. If the bag gets dirty, wipe it off with wet wipes or a damp cotton cloth. Take care not to wet the bag since leather takes time to dry.

Occasionally apply leather cream or wax

Applying a good leather cream or wax adds a layer of protection and helps to keep the leather soft and supple. It will also repel superficial scratches. Choose a good cream that contains natural waxes to add to the rich look and also provides some protection against dirt and moisture.

Continue caring for the leather just as you would for your own skin by reapplying cream every few months.

How to deal with scratches

Unfortunately, during everyday use your bag will get some scratches from time to time. While this adds to the character of the bag, you can attempt to make them less visible by cleaning the leather and applying leather cream or wax. Repeat the process if necessary.

And stains?

Stains could be a big problem so the key is prevention – applying leather cream will help preventing it. But when it does happen, it could just take a good clean and cream or it could be a difficult ink or dye stain which requires professional help. If a wet denim or ink stains it, do not try to remove the stain yourself – you’ll probably make it worse!


Give your bag a clean and cream first. Store it away from direct sunlight and moisture and in a dustproof bag. Lightly fill it with some bubble wrap or a small cushion to retain its shape. Avoid stuffing it with newspaper as the print ink could rub off inside the bag.

With good care you can have a lifelong companion that keeps on carrying your stuff for you.